What’s on your loved one’s gift wish list?

Are they asking for the latest technology? Fashionable apparel? A must-have toy?

No matter the buzz-worthy item, what they may want consider is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Remember, it is just a matter of time before a new version of their favorite technology enters the market, a different clothing trend is seen everywhere, or a new toy makes the hot toy list.

So this holiday season, consider giving a gift that is sure to not be replaceable – a financially secure retirement.

The path to a financially secure retirement begins with the savings vehicles that make up your financial portfolio. Therefore, we encourage you to consider a financial product that is explicitly designed to guarantee lifetime income, no matter the length of retirement. A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) is a perfect savings option to help meet this need.

Here’s seven quick reasons FIAs can help with financial security:

  1. Create a foundation of conservative growth, and are a valuable piece of a financial strategy.
  2. Offer nest egg protection from market downturns.
  3. Add balance to a retirement portfolio.
  4. Can offer tax-deferred growth.
  5. Transform retirement savings into predictable income.
  6. Do not directly participate in the stock market.
  7. Allow you to receive a set income monthly to help cover expenses after you stop working.

A financially secure retirement could just be the gift your loved ones didn’t realize they should put on their wish list, especially when our retirement-readiness research shows that Americans are, above all, looking for lifetime income (nearly 80 percent).

This holiday season, help your friends and family feel comfortable and secure about what lies ahead. Talk to them about retirement savings vehicles that offer lifetime income and show them how FIAs can truly benefit their retirement.