By Andy Ives, CFP®, AIF®
IRA Analyst

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a river of sights and colors and sound. A snappy marching band flows to an army of volunteers clutching the ropes of a six-story inflatable SpongeBob, swaying in the wind. Flag bearers and cheerleaders give way to a giant turkey in a Pilgrim hat being towed by a pick-up truck. Singers and dancers stream past and stilt walkers in Nutcracker outfits move with gaping steps. More towering balloons and more trumpets and more characters follow while the crowd oohs and ahs.

Like a parade, each calendar year glides by – a procession of days and months and seasons. Ensnared in the hoopla, our lives march down the road. Thanksgiving allows a moment of pause, a time to reflect on our personal parades and to applaud the participants.

The Ed Slott team is thankful to work with a passionate staff who strive to educate and help. We are thankful to partner with enthusiastic advisors eager to properly steer their clients through the parade route, and we are appreciative of the support and continued interest from the public at large. Eventually we will all return to our individual parades – to RMDs and QCDs and IRAs – and we will cling to the guide ropes of our enormous wind-swept life balloons soon enough.