By Sarah Brenner, JD
IRA Analyst


With the COVID-19 changes to push the tax filing back to July 31st, can someone still make a 2019 contribution until that date or do all contributions need to be made by the usual April 15th deadline this year?



Hi Jerry,

This is a question we have been getting a lot!

The IRS has confirmed that the deadline for making both traditional and Roth IRA prior year contributions has been delayed to July 15, along with the tax-filing deadline. If you are making a prior year contribution after April 15, be sure that it is clearly designated as such to ensure proper handling by the IRA custodian.


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Under the SECURE act (boo!) what is the definition of a “minor” child?  I’m assuming it’s age dependent. Thank you.

Tom G.


Hi Tom,

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A minor child of the account owner (but not a grandchild) qualifies under the SECURE Act as an eligible designated beneficiary and can stretch IRA payments until the age of majority or up to age 26 if still in school. The age of majority is determined by state law and is age 18 in most states.